Understanding a Will

  • Will Basics: What a Charity Should Know
  • Powers of Attorney and Gifting
    Duration: Half-Day


  • Understanding Bequests to Charity
  • How to Audit your Bequests – establishing policies and procedures
  • Releases and Receipts
    Duration: Full-Day

The Role of the Estate Trustee (Executor) from a Charity’s Perspective

  • How an Estate is Administered – the Charity’s Eye-view
  • Appointment of the Estate Trustee and the Charity’s Response
  • When should you Consult a Lawyer
    Duration: Full Day

Estate Fees & Costs Involved in Administering an Estate

  • The Estate Lawyer’s fees: Are they reasonable?
  • The Estate Trustee’s Compensation: the nuances you should understand
  • Releases & Receipts (same as above)
    Duration: Full-Day

Estate Accounts: Cost-effective Administration of an Estate

  • Estate Accounts: the Nitty-Gritty and the Charity’s Duty to review the details
  • Reviewing all the Testamentary Documents
    Duration: Full-Day (for Workshop) or 1.5 Hour Rate (for lecture version)

Estate Litigation: A Charity’s Role

  • Are you that Charity in the Will?
  • Why Estate Battles Arise:
    • Proper Execution of the Will
    • Incapacity of the Deceased
    • Undue Influence exerted on the Deceased
  • How Estate Litigation Works: Ensuring the Charity’s Rights are Protected; Providing a Measured Response
  • Avoiding Court: Settling a Dispute through Mediation
  • Settlement & Costs
    Duration: Full-Day

Dealing with Seniors, the Family and Vulnerable Persons

  • Professional Communication with the Elderly in the Estate Context
  • Dealing with the Family and Vulnerable Persons
    Duration: One Half-Day

1 to 1½ Hours: $500
2½ to 3 hrs (Half-Day): $1,500
5 to 6 hours Full-Day: $3,000

Note: Each of our training modules is available on an individual or combined basis. You may combine the modules under a specific heading, or mix and match to suit your training needs. We will help you determine your needs. For more information on our fees please see our Prices page.

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