Sweatman Charities Consultants is a consulting firm dedicated to helping charities.

We work with charities to provide them with the bequest management solutions they need. You work hard to get estate bequests. We want to help your organization manage and maximize those bequests.

We help ensure that Estate Executors are meeting their obligations, Donors' intention are honored, and that Charities maximize their share of estates.

We will manage your bequest system – Letting you concentrate on marketing and fundraising.

We help you effectively monitor an estate from the first time you are notified about a bequest until the final release is to be signed.

Meanwhile, we provide practical education for the staff and boards of charitable organizations about estate administration. We teach the basics of bequests, Wills, and the role of the Estate Trustee. We will provide an understanding of a charity's role and rights when disputes arise.


First, we’ll do it for you. We’ll manage your bequest files - short-term or long-term. We’ll be your “back-office” while your fundraisers get out into the community to do what they do best.

We’ll also come in and review your bequest files make recommendations for change, then follow up and review your organization’s implementation.

Or, we’ll set up a new bequest system based on your organization’s needs – recommending policies and procedures, and provide the training required to manage it

We provide a full slate of “training modules” that will address the full range of issues involved in estate administration as they affect charities: The Will, the Role of the Estate Trustee (Executor), Professional and Administrative Fees, Estate Accounts, Estate Disputes, and special communication skills involved in dealing with seniors, minors and other vulnerable parties that may be involved in an estate.

For more details, please see all our educational modules on our Training page.

If you require legal assistance to handle disputes issues arising from reviewing the bequest file, estate accounts, estate and/or legal fees charged to an estate, or a dispute arises in which you require representation, we will refer you to Sweatman Law. Of course, you are free to hire whichever lawyer you choose.

You may wish to partner with another branch or chapter of your organization to engage our services. We'll work with you to ensure you get the services and training required.

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