Packaging Our Service Fees

We know that clients want to be able to budget for the professional fees they pay. Therefore, SCC believes in packaging their services based on your agreed-upon needs

An initial consultation is free. A more in-depth consultation that involves reviewing your files will cost $300.

For ongoing advice we will ask for a fee based on a percentage, for example a reasonable fee that reflects a percentage of the bequests that we obtain on your charity’s behalf.

You may also wish to hire us on a retainer basis. Not requiring our services on a full-time basis, we can be your back-office, reviewing and managing your bequests for a set number of hours per month. We will arrange for a reasonable and predictable fee.

Building a Bequest System

We will review your files, build the system you need, provide the training required and follow up. Invoices for our advice and our training will be issued separately. We will provide an estimate. If we need to exceed the estimate, we will inform you immediately.

Group Training Sessions

Your training costs will vary depending on your educational needs. As you can see on our Training page, the modules differ in length. You can purchase a topical series of modules or choose individual sessions and combine them. Please see our Training page for our training fees.

For training involving multiple modules, simply add the number of + symbols. The above rates are based on training 1-3 people. We have proportionally lower rates for groups of people. Let us know how many people you need to train and we’ll provide a reasonable rate. We will help you determine the modules you need.

Notes on Pricing:

All training fees include electronic materials to be sent prior to the session.

Booking will be confirmed upon payment of 25% of the fee – the rest due upon completion of the training.

If you cancel less than five days before a schedules session, you must re-book with 10 days or forfeit 25% of the fee. The remainder will be refunded.

All other services will be contractually agreed upon in advance. When contracted services are provided, 25% will be due up front

Quoted fees do not include applicable taxes.

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